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About Us

The International Relations Review is BU’s premiere academic journal and focuses on current international affairs. It is written and published exclusively by Boston University’s undergraduate students and features content that is far-reaching for an academic journal, ranging from academic reports on specific issues to op-ed works on current affairs of states. The IRR aims to unite the many voices within Boston University’s International Relations community to heighten awareness about pressing issues at the forefront of the international community, while giving undergraduate students the opportunity to be professionally published at an early age.

The IRR began in mid-2009, when the International Affairs Association of Boston University resolved to create an academic journal revolving around Boston University’s vast department of international relations. Its first issue had 12 pages, and included four student articles, six photos, an editorial piece and an editor’s note; and the journal has come a long way since then. Today, the IRR has two annual editions, printed in the fall and spring. The Spring 2015 issue was the largest print edition thus far, encompassing briefings, essays, photos, and opinion pieces in 64 quality pages.