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Fall 2018 Submission Deadline:

October 16th, 2018

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Submission Guidelines:

All submissions must be:

  • Original pieces written by you
  • Between 1500 - 2000 words long
  • Essay pieces (no editorials please)
  • Contemporary issues (not historical)
  • Papers that you wrote for classes that follow these guidelines are acceptable!
Tips & Suggestions for Getting Published:
  • The more obscure the topic and country covered, the better!
  • If it isn’t making CNN headlines, we want to hear about it.
  • Diversify your field: involve culture, science, religion, and economics.
  • Avoid mainstream issues like the Syrian refugee crisis and the rise of the right wing.
  • Avoid countries that are always in the news, like China, Russia, and the United States.
Writer's Block?

Here's what's going on around the world:

  • Human rights violations by the Cambodian government
  • Ancient diseases unearthed by climate change in Siberia
  • Elephants and humans come into conflict in India
  • Mass refugee crisis in Burundi
  • Africa's first female president outlaws female genital mutilation in Liberia
  • Thousands stolen in crypto-currency in Japan.

Or brainstorm on your own. There's a lot going on around the world, and we want to showcase it.

Send us your pictures, too!

Picture submissions must be:

  • Photographs, drawings, comics, or political cartoons
  • Original photographs or drawings by you
  • Quality photographs in RAW or JPEG file types
  • If you're using a Smartphone, photographs of iPhone 7, 8, and X quality will be considered